Interior Design Tips To Maximise Your Space

//Interior Design Tips To Maximise Your Space

Interior Design Tips To Maximise Your Space

There can be a multitude of ideas that can be incepted from just a single space, and most of the time this variation of concepts clash with the design and style of your property. But you don’t have to compromise style for functionality. If you want to get more out of your property, we have compiled some design tips you can follow to maximise your space.

Create partitions

1. Create partitions.

The dividers don’t have to be a wall that completely blocks the view of the other space. Partitions can be shelves or bookcases that are filled with different adornments, such as vases and figurines. This helps to differentiate each space without entirely dividing the room or space. Broken plan living follows this interior design hack, especially in the kitchen and living room areas.

Choose furniture with a variety of functionality

2. Choose furniture with a variety of functionality.

Purchase home fixtures and furniture that have multiple purposes. Furthermore, most of these furnishings are made with style. For example, you can purchase cubes that can be seats or coffee table and a deep sofa that can be a guest bed.

Scale accordingly

3. Scale accordingly.

If you fancy a certain furniture but it’s too big for the limited space you have, explore other options where the same style is offered in smaller-scale. Fortunately, searching shouldn’t be hard as many retailers offer smaller models of furniture for modestly-sized spaces. Choosing these smaller scales can also be advantageous to achieve maximum functionality in a minimal square footage. For example, placing two round small coffee tables can achieve a better, spacious look than a moderately-sized square one.

Use little design tricks, such as artworks and mirrors

4. Use little design tricks, such as artworks and mirrors

Artworks and mirrors serve as the ‘sleight of hand’ when it comes to tricking the eye to make the room bigger. Another trick is to make closets and doors invisible by incorporating hidden door hardware like touch latches and recessed pulls.

Keep the view open

5. Keep the view open.

If you want your property to appear bigger and airy, do not block windows that offer the most light inside. Low-profile furnishings can be placed just under the window sills to provide for a better view.

Use bigger furnishings

6. Use bigger furnishings.

You can use larger furniture but only place a few of these in a certain space. Rather than incorporating assorted small furnishings which can potentially look disorganised, positioning fewer but larger furniture can actually make the room more grandiose.

Less is more with decor

7. Less is more with decor

A lot of decor in a certain spot can potentially look like clutter, and this can hurt the vibe of your space if you’re aiming to make it look bigger. Organise your decorations by grouping them and allowing spaces in between to avoid making it look like they’re compacted.

With these interior design tips in mind, you can maximise your space without having to compromise your style. If you’re planning to have a property that utilises its space intelligently with class, we at GPML, are able to provide you the best reality of your living space intentions.

Here at GPML, we combine our industry expertise and unrivalled local knowledge with a willingness to think innovatively and ambitiously to help transform each development and leave a lasting legacy everywhere we work. GPML are proud to be able to integrate associated professionals into your project to be able to provide you with the exact reality of your living space visions. From concept to creation, let us inspire you. Reach out to us by filling out our contact form or call us on 0800 046 0266.

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