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Our Maintenance provides emergency response assistance in the Southeast of England for various housing associations and insurance companies. We offer guaranteed response times and services tailored to the clients requirements.



GPML offer full building maintenance, across both public and private sectors. We are able to set up and establish bespoke maintenance regimes for commercial buildings, offices & rental properties.

We work with facilities managers, building owners, building occupiers and private individuals, to put together efficient, cost effective and sustainable maintenance regimes.

PML are able to offer complete or partial packages and work with our clients to establish what is the best way of delivering the service, whilst always maintaining the functionality of their buildings.

GPML can provide maintenance solution for:

  • Heating, hot water & boiler plant
  • Air conditioning maintenance
  • Electrical services – power, light, control and testing
  • Plumbing and sanitation
  • Specialist services to complete the solution