Things To Look Out For When Selecting Your Bespoke Home Builder

//Things To Look Out For When Selecting Your Bespoke Home Builder

Things To Look Out For When Selecting Your Bespoke Home Builder

It’s easy to get caught up in excitement when planning for your bespoke home design. Visualising yourself choosing paint colours and looking at carpet samples are perhaps the main picture of what the process looks like in your mind, but you should be focusing more on the initial setup. This includes selecting your bespoke home builder and ensuring that the one you choose will work properly to meet your needs. To help you avoid future problems with them, we have listed some important things that you need to consider when choosing a home builder for your property.

1. Look for credentials and experience

Know how long the company has been in business. Seasoned professionals have extensive portfolios and have been involved with a wide range of projects. Ask questions about their previous works or ask for references from their current and previous clients. Go the extra mile by visiting their model homes or builds that they have under construction. You’ll have some of your questions answered when you see how your builder works; if they’re using quality brands, if some parts have unfinished fittings, if the job sites have some safety issues, etc.

2. Consider the price

Always discuss your quote with your home builder and ask for a transparent breakdown of expenses. Having a complete explanation of pricing and an approximate build price can help you determine your budget. If your builder suddenly changes the quote and comes back doubling the price, you should ask for the reasons why. Keep in mind that the cost of materials and labour is fairly steady so the factor that affects the change in price is the miscalculated time of when the project will finish.

A complete breakdown of expenses will also help you compare between home builders. Always be careful with sections that have an undecided figure of costs since it can break your budget down the line.

You should also be wary of cheap quotes since you don’t want to have future expenses from repairing faulty wiring and broken drainages. Make sure that home builders offering cheap quotes have a good reputation on completing their work without compromising the house build.

3. Observe your builder’s communication

Right from the initial process, you should be able to notice some red flags on home builders who are not fully reporting the details of the build. Lack of communication may either stem from your home builder being employed in other home builds and might not be fully engaged with other clients, or they might be giving quotes on numerous clients on a daily basis, which means that they might be prioritising quantity rather than quality.

Your home builder should be fully upfront with you from start to finish. This way, you don’t have to feel that your build is misaligned with what you have in mind. You should also note your home builder’s communication with the tradesmen since lack of it can cause unnecessary issues while the build is ongoing. Don’t be taken aback with jargons and always ask for an explanation. If your builder is transparent about the process and you’re comfortable communicating your wants, the project will develop more efficiently and with less unwarranted stress.

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