Top Home Trends for 2018

//Top Home Trends for 2018

Top Home Trends for 2018

Whether you’re having a complete living room makeover or just placing statement pieces on strategic locations of your home, it helps to know this year’s interior trends to make your property look brighter and more appealing. The first half of the year is almost over but you can still stay ahead of the curve with these top trends.

1. Uniquely bold kitchens

Monochromatic palettes and singular colours have concluded their heydays at the start of 2018. Bold paints are now reigning supreme, where kitchens are accentuated with bright red, aqua blue or lime green colours. Warm wood for cabinets is also making a comeback to create a sentimental look.

Uniquely bold kitchens

2. Globally-inspired interiors

Travelling abroad is becoming a social phenomenon and global artefacts that you can bring home can be displayed in your living room as decorations. Different cultures that are represented by these products have distinctive styles that can give a unique vibe to your home.

Globally-inspired interiors

3. Handmade textiles

Textiles are becoming more popular because of there handmade feel.They also provide a variety of designs and patterns using wicker or rattan as primary materials. Bed and pillow covers can also sport uniquely designed textiles to accentuate your mattress.

Handmade textiles

4. Eco-friendly finishes

The increasing awareness for the environment sparks this year’s eco trend for home finishes. Homeowners who are environment-conscious are more inclined to use natural building materials, such as sheep wool insulation and timber flooring.

Eco-friendly finishes

5. Rise of smart home technology

From massive TV screens to AI apps, tech companies are churning out products that provide ease of access and can be installed in the living room, kitchen, bedroom and shower room. Move out, wires. Voice control devices and apps are now the trends to keep your home in style.

Rise of smart home technology

6. Vibrant greeneries

Still in trend, the tropical style infuses a fresh and vibrant look to your interiors. This lush greens vibe doesn’t have to stop with placing plants on corners but can also be incorporated as tropical prints on furniture or other aspects of the house, such as walls or even plates.

Vibrant greeneries

7. Energy efficient windows

These energy efficient windows can reduce heating bills, lessen noise and lower carbon footprint. Properties that have double glazed windows may potentially increase in value, because of the comfortable temperature the windows can provide regardless of the weather.

Energy efficient windows

8. Broken plan living

Broken plan living is the evolution of open plan layouts, where the use of space is cleverly constructed to provide more privacy for a specific area. It is less about one big space but more about using areas cleverly, like creating different floor finishes and constructing semi-permanent partitions.

Broken plan living

9. Concrete home fixtures

Concrete does not only accentuate the interiors of your home when used on walls, floors and countertops. The recent trend pushes concrete to be used on other home fixtures, such as pendant lighting, to provide for a more contemporary and modern style.

Concrete home fixtures

10. Rich palettes

Striking colours on walls or furniture pieces can create a more vibrant look. Give more life to your space by placing unique items or hanging brightly-coloured paintings on walls.

Rich palettes

We have concluded these trends with confidence, that you’ll be able to have inspiration for your next home project. As specialist home builders, we at GPML, provide quality residential properties that will complement whatever you wish for your home, whatever the trend may be. From concept to creation, let us inspire you. Reach out to us by filling out our contact form or call us on 0800 046 0266.

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